Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

-"This Feral Nation" is going strong, putting in some solid pages. The world keeps growing, and I think I'm writing some of my best stuff. I'll have another preview up soon.

-I've always wanted to do a serialized novel, releasing each chapter on a schedule. I've fucked around with it a bit, but I may be able to actually do it soon. I've got four chapters done for something I've been working on, and they're the perfect size at around 1100 words per chapter.

-Sunday night, game 7 of Thunder/Grizzlies is going to be awesome.

-I've been on a T.I. kick, tell me this song isn't the truth:

-I'm seeing the Deftones this Monday night. Deftones is one of those bands I really like, but don't really love. That being said, seeing them live seems special.

-A band that I really love? Brand New. And I saw them live a few weeks back, best show ever. Also, Coheed & Cambria killed when I saw them last month. It's been a good month of music.

-Make sure to check out(and buy) my book. Right now if you use the coupon code "LUCKY" you get 20% off.

-In my real life, I just got promoted at the head shop and I'm making waves in the volunteer firefighting. Word is the county will be hiring for firefighters soon too, so I could possibly go career sooner than I thought. Being career firefighter would be a dream come true, would make my life perfect.

-I saw Thor. It was awesome, and I had some great company seeing it. Plus, the 3d glasses make me looks swag.


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