Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Conversations That Can Only Happen at a Head Shop

Customer:"Hey, yeah, I'm looking for bath salts."
Me:"Ah, sorry, we don't sell hygiene products."
Customer:"It's not really a hygiene product, it's, you know, fake coke! You snort it!"
Me: "Subtle, but no, don't have it."
Customer(winking, this time):"Do you have plant food?"


(Girl is looking at the hookahs, and looks at the pair of Eiffel Tower hookahs we have, and gives me the dirtiest look ever)
Girl: I can't believe you have the twin towers as a hookah!


Trashy Girl looking at one-hitters: "How much is this?"
Trashy:"Oh. I only haven 6 bucks on me."
Me: "Oh, sorry."
Trashy:"Is there anything (licks her lips with her tongue slowly) that I can do for you to make up the difference?"
Me:"Ah, no, I'm good"

To be fair, she was okay looking, except for the track lines on her arm and the busted lip.

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