Thursday, December 9, 2010


Just some quick bits of news an randomness.

-Starting today, you can purchase "Satellites", a short story collection of mine, off of Lulu for $1.35. You can find that Here .

-There will be a Kindle version, at $.99, available once they approve it. Hopefully by today.

-There won't be a print edition, as of this time. It's a short collection(only six stories) primarily meant to bring traffic to the blog. I had hoped to be able to price it as free, but was unable to on So I priced them at the bare minimum. Plus, now I make 35 cents for each collection sold!

-Starting in January, updates to this blog will be increased dramatically. I will be releasing "In Transit" as a serialized novel. A chapter posted every two weeks. This is something that has been brewing for a while, and I'm excited to do a sprawling, Dickensian story.

-I'll still be posting short stories and random blogs post, of course. There will be another "Satelites" ebook collection, again priced at bare minimum. Eventually, after about three "Satelites" volumes, I'll released a deluxe print edition, that hopefully you'll gobble up.

-I am looking for an artist to do an online comic. If you are said artist, send me an email.


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