Saturday, June 4, 2011

Various Thoughts

-"This Feral Nation" keeps chugging along, it's a blast to write. It's looking like it'll be my first full length novel instead of a novella. Building up this world has been a new experience for me, and the relationship between Boomer and Pup feels so natural now.

-In a few days, the next instalment of Brothers will be out. I'm switching up the format a bit, as the first two(Matthew and Alex) have been consecutive. This next instalment is all about Tuck, and we pull back all the way to his last day. There's a little bit of a homage to The Sound and The Fury in this one.

-I generally know the last lines/last page of everything I write when I begin, and go from there. At the end of it all, Brothers is about the family you choose, and I think that's reflected in the last line.

-I believe death makes you reflect on your own life, and with Matthew and Alex it made them examine what was missing. The difference is how they went about it and what they ultimately came to. Both of them have a hole in their world, and Tuck's death put a magnifying onto it.

-After Brothers and before Feral Nation, I'll probably release Misguided Ghosts. It's novel-length, like Feral Nation, but I'm going to release it free on here and for ereaders/Kindle.

-I've gotten into a good groove were, if I get writer's block/exhausted on one thing, I can switch to another and recharge my batteries.That's how Brothers came about, I needed a break from the long form storytelling of Feral Nation and Misguided Ghosts.

-I've switched completely to Ubuntu, and it works like heaven. I've always used openoffice and I don't play games, so getting rid of Windows was an easy decision to make.

-X-Men:First Class was the best X-Men movie, and one of the better comic book films ever. Not quite The Dark Knight, but a close 2nd.

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